Cannot be Charged and Its Potential Solution

iPhone 7 Trouble – There are at least major problems reported on iPhone 7 or other iPhone 7 series and one of them is that iPhone 7 cannot be charged. Few owners complain that they can’t charge their device up while they plug the charger as normal. Then, how to fix it?

iPhone 7 Charging Issues

iPhone 7 Cannot be Charged

The first solution that we can do is by ensuring that we use appropriate and suitable cable and wall charger for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. If you do not use uncertified Apple charger or cable to charge your device, it can be the problem that your phone cannot be charged.

Second, you can try using such different cable, wall socket or different charger. Third, make sure that the cable as well as the port on your iPhone is clean and also free of dust. You can take a look on the connector of the charger cable or your phone charger port and then blast or blow a little compressed air into it to make sure that it has been cleaned.

Next, if you have a problem with corroded connector or something stained which cannot be removed with microfiber cloth, you may need to go to any Apple Store to show them your connector problem. By doing this, you may get the replacement. This problem may caused by wet environment which can make the lighting cable or the connector get corroded.

The last solution if you get your iPhone 7 cannot be charged is by resetting your iPhone 7 while it is plugged or connected into the charger.

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