Can’t Hear During The Calls

iPhone 7 Can’t Hear During The Calls – Another issue that we can find on iPhone 7 is some iPhone owners cannot hear any sound from their caller. It seems to be annoying issue which is experienced by some iPhone 7 users during their phone call. In this case, they are able to make as well as receive any call as normal, but they are not able to hear the person they are talking to on the line, or they sound muffled even though the volume of the ringer has been turned up. Therefore, how to fix this iPhone 7 issues?

There are some potential solutions which you can follow if you experience the same issue as mentioned above.

Can’t Hear During The Calls

iPhone 7 Can't Hear During The CallsFirst, you can try increasing the volume up by using the Volume Up button while make sure that the ringer volume setting appears on the screen as you are pressing it.

Second, you should make sure that there is nothing covering your speaker grill. Things like dust, screen protector or case can have a big impact in this case. You can use a blast of compressed air or a brush to ensure that the speaker grill is free from blockages. Moreover, you should also make sure that there is nothing plugged into your headphone port. You can try plugging in any headphone and then pulling it out again to make sure.

Third, to fix this iPhone 7 issue is by trying to turn the Bluetooth off via Settings to ensure that your phone is not connected to another headset or car system especially if you often use your Bluetooth to connect your iPhone to another device.

Fourth, you will be better to try going on the Settings and then choose General > Accessibility to make sure that the setting of Phone Noise Cancellation is turned off.

Fifth, you can also try toggling the speakerphone on during your call to see if the issue persists.

If you have tried all the solutions above and the problem persists, you can reset your iPhone 7 by holding down the sleep/wake and home buttons all together for about 10 seconds.

Furthermore, if the issue is still unsolved and your iPhone 7 still can’t hear during the calls or cannot hear any voice from others when you phone them, it must be better to contact Apple as soon as possible either through your local store or its official website, and see what they can help with this iPhone 7 issue.

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