How to Charge iPhone 7 Properly

Charge iPhone 7 Properly Tips

After receiving your new iPhone 7, just like the other iPhone 7 owners, you must be wondering about how to charge iPhone 7 properly. Don’t be shy; you are not alone having this question when you are holding on the new iPhone 7 for the first time. Everyone wants to extend the battery life as long as he can. That is why this question becomes very popular among smartphone users, especially iPhone 7 owners. Related to this matter, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about the proper way to charge your iPhone 7.

Tips on how to charge iPhone 7 properly

Based on the Apple specialist, iPhone 7 is using new battery technology. This new battery technology of the Lithium-Ion batteries doesn’t have a “memory” like the old NiCad batteries had. Therefore, since the first time you received your brand-new iPhone 7, you just need to charge it the usual way and then when it reached 100%, stop the charging process. That’s all. There is no need to over charge your iPhone 7, even for the first charge. If you are looking for someone’s opinion about how to charge iPhone 7 properly, you may get a different suggestion. With respect, they are suggesting what they know based on some experience on the previous device. While for the new iPhone 7, Apple has made some changes to the battery technology. This new technology allows you to charge your iPhone 7 at any time your iPhone 7 battery needs it. It is also recommended to use the regular wall charger for the first charging, and make sure you are using the charger which comes along with your iPhone 7.

How to extend iPhone 7 battery life

While in purpose to extend the battery life as long as you want, what you need to know is useful tips to save your iPhone 7 battery life. It is a kind of tip to help you use your iPhone 7 battery as efficient as you can. In another way, if you are not the one who can rely on tips to save your iPhone 7 battery, you can equip yourself with an extra juice like a power bank. Well, it contrary to what many people believe, that you need to follow special tips and tricks to charge your iPhone 7. Based on what we know about this new battery technology on your iPhone 7, you just need to charge your iPhone 7 battery until it hits 100% and then unplug it. That’s all. Even some iPhone 7 users charge their phones overnight. It doesn’t matter too if you need it in case you can’t awake at the exact time your iPhone 7 hits 100%. Apparently, charging your iPhone 7 overnight is not harmful if it is impossible for you to unplug it after it is full. The iPhone 7 battery has an ability to stop charging when it is full automatically. If you are awake, then you see that your iPhone 7 is full, you can unplug it before going back to bed because your iPhone 7 doesn’t need this overcharge.


  1. If you receive your iPhone 7 at the first time with enough battery, you can use the iPhone without charging it until it is fully drained.
  2. Use the charger that came together with your iPhone 7.
  3. Your iPhone 7 battery doesn’t need overcharge, even for the first time charging. You just need to charge it to 100% then unplug it.
  4. Follow some useful tips and tricks to extend your iPhone 7 battery life, but not by overcharging it.

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