How to Fix iPhone 7 from Asking for the Wrong Apple ID

iPhone 7 Asking the Wrong Apple ID

You just got your new iPhone 7, and when you are setting up your shiny iPhone 7 or restoring from a backup, suddenly it asks for a password for someone’s Apple ID. It is your brand-new iPhone 7, then why are these showing up on your iPhone? If you have any issue related to wrong Apple ID, you are not alone. So keep calm and take it easy. Read the following tutorial to find out on how to fix iPhone 7 from asking for the wrong Apple ID.

Why is someone’s Apple ID showing up on your iPhone 7?

Before we go any further to the solution, you must be wondering why is someone’s Apple ID showing up on your iPhone 7? One of a possible reason for your iPhone 7 asking for someone’s Apple ID is when there are apps, movies, songs or any other paid content that were purchased using Apple ID. If this thing happens to your brand-new iPhone 7, it might be some of the backup content you are restoring to your new iPhone 7 contains any songs, apps or other stuff which are purchased using someone’s Apple ID. Your iPhone 7 is asking for this as a part of the Apple authorization process.

How to stop iPhone 7 from asking for the wrong Apple ID

If you just upgraded to iPhone 7 from iPhone 6, and then suddenly it prompted you to enter a password for an Apple ID that you don’t recognize after you entered your Apple ID, here is the tutorial to help you through this thing. As we know that entering a password for an Apple ID is very crucial to gain access to your apps, iTunes, etc. That is why finding the solution to get you through this thing is so important. Try the following options:

Erase your iPhone by heading to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. After that, start the setup process over again to see if the problem is still persistent or solved. This step is worthy to try. Maybe you purchased a previously owned iPhone that had not been properly and fully erased. That is why when you restore the backup of this iPhone to your new iPhone 7; you are prompted to enter someone’s Apple ID and password. With this possibility, your apps, iTunes, etc. are owned by a mixture of Apple IDs. You need to find out which items you don’t own and then remove them to stop this Apple ID showing up again.

Anyway, if you have this wrong Apple ID on your brand-new iPhone 7 before restoring any backup, it is better for you to contact Apple’s customer support to get the solution to this issue. They must have something to say about how to fix iPhone 7 from asking for the wrong Apple ID. Some iPhone 7 owners who have this issue have been able to resolve the issue by calling Apple’s customer support.


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