How to Fix iPhone 7 Bluetooth Problem in the Car

Fix iPhone 7 Bluetooth Problem in the Car

iPhone 7 Bluetooth Problem in the Car

iPhone 7 Bluetooth Problem in the Car

iPhone 7 Bluetooth is one of the most important features. With an ability to pair iPhone with the other Bluetooth accessory or devices like car audio system, iPhone 7 users can get the most of the phone. Especially for pairing iPhone 7 Bluetooth with the car audio system, the users can listen to their favorite music and take calls. This feature is originally intended for the users to enjoy hands-free calls and music streaming while they are driving. With this Bluetooth streaming, iPhone 7 users can connect their iPhone 7 to the car so that they can skip tracks, play/pause and adjust the volume from controls on the steering wheel or dashboard.

Recently, some iPhone 7 users reported about their iPhone 7 Bluetooth problem in their cars. Everything works well, but the sound sometimes drops when they listen to music. If you have ever had any trouble related to connecting iPhone 7 Bluetooth to the car, read this tutorial on how to fix iPhone 7 Bluetooth Issue in the car.

Possible solutions

If you have the latest model of car, it is possible for it to have Bluetooth audio streaming capabilities where you can connect your iPhone 7 without the hassle of wiring. Recently, since the release of iPhone 7 to the market, some iPhone 7 users are complaining about iPhone 7 Bluetooth issue in the car. Some of them said that their car sync system worked fine with their previous iPhone. Some of those users have tried to fix this problem by resetting everything, but the problem persists. Well, if you have the same issue, here are some alternatives you can try on how to fix iPhone 7 Bluetooth problem in the car:

  • Try to connect another device.

If you have a problem when connecting your iPhone 7 to your car audio system, test to connect another device to check that the problem is with your iPhone 7 no with your car’s sound system. If there is nothing wrong when connecting another device, probably your iPhone 7 is the one which has the Bluetooth problem.

  • If you are sure that your iPhone 7 has Bluetooth problem with your car, you can follow the steps below as the possible solution to fix this issue:

1. Turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone 7 and then restart your iPhone 7.

You can turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone 7 from the Control Center by heading to Settings > Bluetooth and turning off the switch. After turning off the Bluetooth on your iPhone, restart your iPhone 7 by pressing and holding the volume down button and the wake/sleep button at the same time until you see the Apple logo. Soon after you iPhone 7 restarting, turn on Bluetooth again and then try to re-connect it to your car audio system.

2. Forget the paired device

Forgetting the paired device from the Settings and then reconnecting it again may solve the problem. Here are what to do to forget the paired device and reconnecting if afterward:

a). Head to Settings then go to Bluetooth

b). Tap on the “I” icon against the name of the device which you are having a problem when connecting it.

c). Select the option “Forget This Device” button and confirm your action.

d). Try to pair your iPhone 7 with your car again.

3. Reset Network Settings

If your iPhone 7 still having the Bluetooth issue, maybe you need to perform Reset Network Settings to solve it. Right after you completed Reset Network Settings, try to re-connect your iPhone 7 to your car again. Remember that this reset will erase all your Wi-Fi settings, so you will need to rejoin Wi-Fi networks, and also configure VPN again.

After you have completed all alternative solutions above, you can see the Apple care or contact Apple support if your iPhone 7 Bluetooth issue is persistent. You can get any further solution related to how to fix iPhone 7 Bluetooth problem in the car, or get a replacement device from the Apple store. While waiting for Apple’s official solution to fix this Bluetooth issue, you can go through the trouble of plugging in the USB cord to your car audio system to listen to music and navigation.


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