How to Fix iPhone 7 No Service Issue / Problems

iPhone 7 “No Service” Issue

iPhone 7 No Service Issue

iPhone 7 “No Service” Issue

iPhone 7 is the latest iPhone which was released in 2016 which arguably as the best smartphone of the year. It hasn’t been a year since Apple released this device, but there are many iPhone 7 users have reported about “No Service” issue. Some users said about this “No Service” issue related to the specified carrier only, but there are some who reported about this problem with more than one carrier. Some of those users have also contacted their carrier to replace their SIM card with the new one, but the problem remains. There are many possibilities of this problem on iPhone 7, it could be the problem with the carrier itself, damaged SIM Card, software update, and much more. Therefore, if you are experiencing this “No Service” issues on iPhone 7, you will need to know how to fix iPhone 7 No Service issue to figure out the appropriate solution for the problem. Well, let’s find out the solution for fixing this iPhone 7 No Service issue with the following step by step solution:

Ensure you are in the coverage area of your carrier

It is crucial to make sure that you are in the coverage area of your carrier. When you are not in the coverage area of your carrier, your iPhone will get this ‘No Service” issue. After checking your coverage area, follow the steps below:

  • If you are experiencing a problem when connecting to a mobile network, check the cellular data settings by heading to Settings > Cellular.
  • Don’t forget to set up for data roaming when you are traveling internationally so that your iPhone will get services of your carrier. Head to Settings > Cellular > Data Roaming to set up for data roaming on your iPhone 7.

Restart your iPhone 7

Sometimes rebooting your iPhone can be an effective solution to fix some problem. Follow these steps to reset your iPhone 7:

  • Initiate the reset by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button of your iPhone 7 until you see the power off slider is appearing.
  • Tap and drag the slider to turn your device completely off.
  • Once your iPhone 7 is off, repeat the step 1 until you see the Apple logo to activate your iPhone 7.

Check your Carrier Settings Update

Use the steps below to check for and install carrier settings update manually on your iPhone 7:

  • Check your Wi-Fi or cellular network connection to ensure that your device is connected.
  • Head to Settings > General > About to see whether there is an update available for your carrier settings; then you will see an option to update if is is available.
  • Check your version or carrier settings on your iPhone 7 by tapping on Settings > General > About and check the version next to Carrier.

If you want to insert a new SIM card into your iPhone 7, don’t forget to download the carrier settings for the new carrier.

Check the SIM card

There is a possibility of damaged SIM card that causes the “No Service” problem on your iPhone 7. Therefore, you need to check the SIM card to ensure that it is not damaged. You can try to take out the SIM card of the iPhone 7 and then put it back in. If it doesn’t fit the SIM tray, it means the SIM card is damaged. You have to contact your carrier to replace the damaged SIM card with the new one.

Reset iPhone 7 Network Settings

If you are having a problem with your cellular network, try to solve the issue by resetting your Network Settings. Head to Settings on your iPhone 7; then General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Performing this reset will also reset the Wi-Fi networks and passwords, your cellular configuration, and VPN & APN settings on your iPhone 7.

Update to the latest version of iOS

Probably upgrading your iPhone 7 to the latest version iOS can solve your “No Service” problem.

Get some help of your carrier

If you have “No Service” problem in your iPhone 7 with only an individual carrier, it is possibly your need some help from your carrier. You have to contact your carrier to ask about your problem that might affect your service. Ask your carrier to:

  • Check your account status to verify that your account is active and it is in good standing.
  • Make sure that your iPhone 7 is not blocked from receiving cellular services. Check the set up your data plan to ensure you are configuring with the right data plan.
  • Check if there are no outages in your area.

Most of the cellular service problem can only be fixed by your carrier because your wireless carrier is the only one who can access and manage your account details. Finally, if there is no issue with your account, you can try to solve this problem by restoring your device. Restoring your iPhone 7 may be one of the solutions on How to Fix iPhone 7 No Service Issue.


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