How to Fix iPhone 7 Plus Not Receiving Notifications

iPhone 7 Plus Not Receiving Notifications Problems

iPhone 7 Plus Not Receiving Notifications Problems

iPhone 7 Plus Not Receiving Notifications

Notification is the most complained issue reported for the iOS 10 problems. Therefore, if you have this issue on your iPhone 7 Plus or any other iOS device after updating to iOS 10 or later; then you are not alone. There are several iOS device users, especially iPhone 7 Plus, reported their problems after upgrading to iOS 10.2 on their iPhone 7 Plus.

They said that the iPhone 7 Plus is not receiving notifications after the update. There are several apps on the iPhone 7 Plus are not showing notifications until the Apps are open, and those apps remained in The Recent Tabs. We can say that the apps didn’t refresh although they have enabled the Background App Refresh. If you have the same problem as the most users complained about, this tutorial about How to fix iPhone 7 Plus not receiving notifications may be helpful for you.

Force restarting iPhone 7 Plus

Commonly, if you have repeated issues on your iPhone 7 Plus, just like the one we have here in this discussion, restarting your device could be one of the potential solutions to fix it. Therefore, try to force starting your iPhone by pressing and holding the Power and Volume down button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo on the screen appears. Once the Apple logo appears on the iPhone 7 Plus display, you can release the buttons, and now your iPhone 7 Plus should has successfully been restarted. Just for your information, forced restart is not the same as the traditional restart procedure of shutting down and starting back up. This method is applicable when any of some of your iPhone 7 Plus buttons are not responsive. After performing the force starting, your iPhone will power up on its own.

Reset all settings

If your iPhone still showing the same issue after force restarting, you can try to fix it with the next solution. The second solution you can try is resetting all settings on your iPhone 7 Plus. You can do this reset by going to Settings > General > Reset. From the available options, select Reset All Settings to complete the action. After performing this reset, you will set back your settings to default settings. Therefore, head to the Settings app, and then set up everything on the iPhone 7 Plus preferences from the beginning. Anyway, you don’t need to worry about your content because this reset won’t remove any content of your iPhone 7 Plus.

When you are setting up the preferences on your iPhone 7 Plus after resetting all settings, make sure that you enable your iPhone 7 to show the notifications for all apps. Don’t forget to set up the notification vibration of tone so that you will get notified when your iPhone 7 Plus receives any notification. Well, that’s all the possible solutions you can try about how to fix iPhone 7 Plus not receiving notifications.


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