How to Fix iPhone 7 Won’t Charge

How to Fix iPhone 7 Won’t Charge – Sometime iPhone users have to face some problems with their iPhone 7. One of the common iPhone problems is iPhone won’t charge. It is already plugged in, but won’t charge. What is happening to the iPhone actually?

iPhone 7 Charging Issues

Don’t be panic when your iPhone 7 is not charging even when it is already plugged in. It doesn’t always mean that your iPhone has broken. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the iPhone itself. So, what should you do when iPhone 7 won’t charge?

Fixing iPhone 7 Charging Issues

The first thing you should do is to make check the problem itself. Make sure that it really is not charging. To do this, you can look at the status bar of the battery icon. Make sure that you iPhone is plugged in. If you see a lightning bolt next to the battery icon, it means that iPhone 7 is charging.

If you don’t see the lightning bolt, it means that your iPhone 7 is not charging. Here are things to do to fix iPhone 7 won’t charge:

1. Clean the Charging Port

The first thing you should do is to check the charging port of your iPhone 7 and make sure that it is clean and free from debris, lint, or other obstructions. This is one of the most common reasons that make your iPhone won’t charge. Small debris can prevent a charging cable from fitting properly into your iPhone. You can use a Q-Tip, toothpick, a dry toothbrush to clean it.

When you have already make sure that the charging port is clean, try to charge your iPhone.

2. Check the plug end of the cable

Sometimes a cable won’t charge properly due to the plug end of the cable. So, check it and make sure the cable charge properly.

3. Check the wall outlet

The next thing you should do to fix iPhone 7 won’t charge is to check the wall outlet. Make sure that it works well. Try to use different wall outlet and make sure that it works. Sometimes your iPhone is fine but the problem come from the wall outlet.

4. Check the USB port on your PC or Mac

If you use your PC or Mac to charge your iPhone then you need to make sure that the USB port on your PC or Mac works well. You can try to use another USB port on your PC or Mac.

5. Check the USB charging Cable

The next common reason of iPhone 7 won’t charge is due to the damage of USB charging cable. Check the charging cable and change with the new one if needed. Buying a high quality charging cable can help you to avoid the same problem, because some cheap charging cables are not certified for iPhone.

6. Reboot your iPhone

If you have already try the steps above and your iPhone 7 still won’t charge, then this might be the right time to reboot your iPhone. Sometimes, a software issue may cause iPhone won’t charge. To do this, hold down the Power button and Home button until you see Apple logo.

7. Hardware Damage

Hardware damage on iPhone may cause iPhone 7 won’t charge. There are somethings that may cause hardware damage:

  • Water contact on iPhone. If you drop your iPhone to water and you are not dry it out properly then it may cause hardware damage especially on the battery. Some electrical parts of your iPhone may be damage too.
    iPhone fell out from very high place or got crashed hardly for too many times. This is rarely happen but could happen accidently. However, a simple screen crack won’t give a lot effect to your iPhone.
  • If your iPhone damage due to too much water then you can try to dry it out for seventy two hours or so in silica or rice. Other things you can do is to buy a new hardware for your iPhone.

8. Take it in for service, or buy a new iPhone.

If drying it out or changing some damage hardware still can’t solve the problem, then you can take it for service or buy a new iPhone. These are the steps and guide to fix iPhone 7 won’t charge. More iPhone 7 manual guide and tips will be updated soon.


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