How to fix “No Notifications” Issue on iPhone 7 Lock Screen

No Notifications Issue on iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Notifications Issue – iPhone 7 is offering extra conveniences for its users. One of these conveniences you can get from the new iPhone 7 is having notifications pop up on the iPhone 7 lock screen. You can see all notifications available on your iPhone 7 without unlocking your iPhone. More than that, you can also interact with the pop-up notifications such as replying a message.  As always, there is nothing goes perfectly smooth. Some iPhone 7 owners are recently reporting about notifications issue on their phone. They said that they are not getting any notifications (badge, banner, lock screen) from the iPhone apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and many other apps on the lock screen.  Related to this matter, they are wondering about how to fix “No Notifications” issue on iPhone 7 lock screen. Some users said that they get the notifications on the lock screen when they keep the apps running in the background. So, what exactly you need to do if you have this issue on your iPhone 7?

How to get notification on iPhone 7 lock screen

There are some important points for you to know if you want to get notifications on your iPhone 7 lock screen. First, you need to ensure that you have enabled the notifications. Then, there is another thing you need to know about this notification matter: there is a possibility of the individual apps that control what notifications you receive. If you want to enable notifications within an individual app, you can go to the individual app settings and set everything from there. While to enable notifications on your iPhone 7 lock screen, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings from the Home screen.
  2. Select Notifications, then tap on it.
  3. Tap on the notification you want to enable from the Lock screen.
  4. Switch Show on Lock Screen to ON.

Withing the Settings above, you can choose which apps on your iPhone 7 to get notifications on the Lock screen. Furthermore, you can also manage the notifications settings based on the individual app policy. After enabling the notifications on the iPhone 7 Lock screen, if you don’t see any notification pops-up on the Lock screen for a particular app, try the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the app on your iPhone 7 supports notifications. You can check if by heading to Settings > Notifications. From there, select the app you want to get a notification and then make sure that Notifications are turned on.
  2. If you have turned on the notifications for an app, but you are not receiving alerts, check the alert style. Head to Settings > Notifications. Make sure that you are choosing the alert style to Banners or Alerts, not to None.
  3. You also need to ensure that you have signed in to your Apple ID by going to Settings > iTunes and App Stores and after that, you can enter your Apple ID and password.
  4. Check the status of Do Not Disturb on your iPhone 7 by heading to Settings > Do Not Disturb and tap Manual if it is turned on. By turning on “Do Not Disturb,” you won’t get any notifications on the iPhone 7 lock screen.
  5. If there is an app you have recently installed or restored from a backup, ensure that you have enabled the notification for this app by opening the app to start getting notifications.

That all that you need to know about how to fix No Notifications Issue on iPhone 7 lock screen. If you have any other solution that you want to share with us, we’d be glad to have it. If your problem is persistent after performing the steps above, let us know so that we can help you find the solution.


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