iPhone 7 Animation Lag Issue

iPhone 7 Animation Lag Issue

iPhone 7 Animation Lag

iPhone 7 Animation Lag

iPhone 7 was built as the fastest series with 3 GB or RAM and also the A10 Fusion chip. With all these facts inside of the new iPhone 7, users should experience the best performance and efficiency when using iPhone 7. Unfortunately, not all iPhone 7 owners are lucky to get the best performance of the phone. Those unlucky iPhone 7 owners find that the new shiny iPhone sometimes slow and lag. Apparently, this iPhone 7 animation lag issue is primarily due to software and is most likely not connected to its hardware.

As reported by some users who have this lag issue on their iPhone 7, they noticed this lag issue on the phone when they were opening and closing an app for the first time. This annoyance is gone when they pressed the home button and then opened the app again; everything goes smooth like usual.

Some iPhone 7 owners who are experiencing this iPhone 7 animation lag issue have talked to Apple support to get this thing solved. They said that they are recommended to hard reset the iPhone 7 with iOS 10.0.1, and they were also asked not to restore any backups. This solution worked for some of them, but there are some who have made all the Apple Support recommendations, but the lag issue is still persistent. There is an iPhone 7 user who has solved this lag issue on iPhone 7 in iOS 10.1 beta 2.

The question is, what is the most responsible reason behind this iPhone 7 lag problem? All affected users are waiting for the official solution for this annoying problem. Based on the first diagnostic result, this issue may come from restoring backups which may content some or several incompatibilities with the system on iPhone 7. That is why the company suggests the users no to restore any backup until they fix this problem as soon as possible.

Solutions for iPhone 7 Animation Lag Issue

Until the company got the real solution to fix this iPhone 7 animation lag issue, if you have this annoying slow and lag animation on your iPhone 7, try the following alternatives:

Restart your iPhone 7

Try to reset your iPhone 7 to fix this animation lag by pressing and holding the wake/sleep button and volume down button at the same time until you see the Apple logo on display. When the Apple logo is appearing, release the buttons and let the iPhone turn back on.

Disable Siri

Try to turn off the Siri on your iPhone 7 by heading to Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Siri. Then toggle to turn off the Siri. If turning off the Siri is not making any change to the lag issue, you can turn it back on.

Close any background application on your iPhone 7

It is possible for your iPhone 7 to run slower and laggy when you are using many applications at the same time. Therefore, make sure that you have close all background apps on your iPhone 7 when it runs slower and laggy.

Set up your new iPhone 7 as a new phone

If you notice that your iPhone 7 runs slow and laggy, try to restore your iPhone 7 and then set it up as a new phone. Don’t restore any backup to prevent the phone from being slower and laggy.

Well, that’s all the possible solutions for iPhone 7 animation lag issue. If you find any other alternative to solve this lag issue, please feel free to share it here to help other users get the everything back to normal.


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