iPhone 7 Bug: Boot Loop And Random Crashing

Many iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users have run into such issue that their iPhone continuously crashes without any clear reason. Some of them found out that their iPhone 7 is getting stuck in boot loop that then makes the phone repeatedly turns off and on again by itself. Such iPhone 7 bug might happen during launching an app which then it may also display a red or blue screen. It seems to be impact of the models which has larger storage capacity and there is also speculation that its flash storage components are certainly the one to be blamed.

iPhone 7 Bug

iPhone 7 Bug

Now, how to fix this problem and get your iPhone 7 back normal again? First, since there is a possibility that it is caused by the old settings or even specific apps, you should try doing factory reset to make you be able to set your iPhone into a new one and ready to reinstall with your selective apps. However, for this iPhone 7 bug, it seems to be a radical way and there is no guarantee that this solution will work properly to fix your problem.

Second, there is also a chance that the problem caused genuinely by the hardware problem. At this rate, you need to contact Apple or directly come to any Apple Store to get a replacement iPhone from Apple. When you come to any Apple Store, it is possible to get your iPhone restored in order to fix the problem. However, if your iPhone certainly ends up with the same problem, they may offer you a handset replacement. On the other hand, if it is actually about the flash storage problem, you may experience the same problem with your replacement handset as well.

Last but not least, there is also a possibility that your iPhone gets this kind of iPhone 7 bug because of software problem. In this case, a future iOS update may be able to solve it. Thus, you need to keep checking new update by going to Settings > General > Software Update and then choose Download and Install when you find out new update


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