iPhone 7 Design

Apart from the rumor on when iPhone 7 will be released, the design has been an attractive part, as the iPhone enthusiasts are looking for the leaked information on the upcoming phone. Since some related photos had been leaked recently, people have begun to anticipate iPhone 7 design, which is expected to be completely different from its predecessors. Why?

iPhone 7 Design Concept

iPhone 7 Design Concept

iPhone 7 Design: Clues from the History

It is very likely that Apple will embrace fully new design in its upcoming product. Learning from the previous series, the Giant tended to alternate between the internal upgrade for each series. For instance, iPhone 3G was updated by iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4 by iPhone 4S; so did iPhone 5 and 6.

The internal upgrade did not involved full redesign of the chassis; instead, the update usually involves addition of new features and specifications. iPhone 6 for instance looks not much different from iPhone 6. On the other hand, the complete redesign usually happens on the full-number update, namely, from iPhone 3 to 4, to 5, and to 6. So, full modification for iPhone 7 Design is very likely, right?

Leaked Information on iPhone 7 Design

On December 1st, 2015, Apple reported its plan to release an iPhone series with colorful metal design in the first quarter of 2016. However, there is no confirmation on whether the colorful metal refers to iPhone 7 Design or not. In October 2015, Forbes posted an article on the rumored design changes in the Apple’s upcoming gadget. Here are some of them:

Missing Home Button

It is rumored that Apple will probably remove the Home button from iPhone 7 Design, thanks to the introduction of 3D touch technology. If Apple will keep the device small, then the screen can be made larger by removing or moving the Home button to another part – to the phone side for instance.

Waterproof design

In March 2015, rumor said that Apple was looking for the way to make waterproof design in its future iPhone lines. It was not seen in the newly released iPhone 6S and 6s plus. Apple is probably still working on it. It is predicted that the waterproof feature will not be added to the outside component, but rather, to the components inside the phone. Therefore, the phone will not get damaged if the phone accidentally falls into the water.

Regardless of the rumor, it is certain that people are expecting some surprises in iPhone 7 Design. When it will come with colorful metal design, home-button-less display, or waterproof feature, iPhone 7 Design remains a mystery.

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