iPhone 7 Display

One of the most interesting parts of the rumor around iPhone 7 is its display. Many speculations have been around for iPhone 7 display, from its built-in touch ID to glass-free 3D display. Again, no exact answer is yet available on the display features, since people are still predicting based on the leaked videos and photos. This is an interesting part, at least, until Apple answers all of those questions on iPhone 7 release date.

Interesting Leaks on iPhone 7 Display

iPhone 7 Display Concept

iPhone 7 Display Concept


3D Glass-Free Display

At the second week of December 2015, Economic Daily News reported that iPhone 7 would probably feature a 3D display. The difference is that the phone will probably free of the annoying 3D glasses. The source said that Apple’s partner, namely TPK – was working on a project to create glass-free 3-dimensional display, which is much safer and rougher for high-performance phone.

If iPhone 7 display is really free from glasses, then Apple will make what LG Optimus 3D failed to do a reality. You may still remember that LG was reportedly going to equip its Optimus 3D version with glass-free display, but did not make it a reality.

Sidewall Display

Another source reported that iPhone 7 display would be sidewall. This rumor is particularly attributed to the competition between Apple and Samsung. Yes, Galaxy Note Edge series features this kind of sidewall display. If Apple is going to catch up the competition, it should embrace more sophisticated or at least the same-level display technology.

This may be true, since the leaked iPhone 7 design also include missing Home buttom to provide more room for the display. If iPhone 7 will keep the existing 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch screen size, missing Home button is very likely. Some sources call it edge-to-edge display.

Touch ID Display

Touch ID technology enables elimination of the Home button. The Touch ID finger sensor can be built into the entire display. This way, Apple can enlarge iPhone 7 display without having to increase the phone’s overall size. However, other rumors said that Touch ID finger sensor could be a thing of the past, since a company was reported to be on a project to insert ultrasonic biometric sensors into a Gorilla glass display.

The ultrasonic biometric sensors are claimed to work even better than Touch ID since it can scan fingerprints on wet, oily and even dirty finger. Unfortunately, no information on what devices (or brand) will come with such sensor technology. Will it be available on iPhone 7 display?


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