iPhone 7 Dye Coloring the Plastic Strips

Dye Coloring the Plastic Strips –┬áThe plastic strips in the svelte body of iPhone 7 as well as iPhone 7 Plus is certainly created for a good reason since it is used to make sure that the antennas are able to hold a signal. Unfortunately, plenty of iPhone 7 users find them to be ugly. The ugliness is certainly not only the iPhone 7 problem in this case because some owners found that slipping their iPhone into a tight jeans pocket resulting sticking dye on the white plastic especially on the gold model which then it is discoloring it.

Dye Coloring the Plastic Strips

iPhone 7 Dye Coloring the Plastic Strips

If we turn back to see some other smartphones in the past such as White HTC One X, this problem seems to be not an exclusive or new problem. So, what do to do with this problem? Well, you can try putting a case on your phone, either soft case or hard case. It is actually essential to consider using a case anyway since it is such a fragile device which is able to break and damage easily, so you can prevent this problem.

Moreover, when you have got this coloring problem, you may start to clean the dye coloring by using damp cloth and use such cleaning products to work with until you can remove the marks. Be careful not to get the cleaning fluid onto your screen as well as the rest of your iPhone body since it may cause another iPhone 7 problem you may not expected.


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