iPhone 7 Feature

Many things can be expected from the upcoming iPhone 7. Everyone can make the speculation, either based on the records of what Apple did with its products or based on the leaked iPhone 7 feature, photos, and videos. Embracing ultra advanced technology, the phone may be larger or smaller than its predecessors, depending how Apple will integrate the technology into the phone.

Rumored iPhone 7 Feature and Specifications

iPhone 7 Feature

iPhone 7 Feature


The new iPhone 7 feature may begin from its operating system. Cupertino recently released new iOS, which may be planted into the upcoming iPhone 7. The latest technology will provide the users with many advantages. The following are expected additional features in iPhone 7:

  • New UI
  • Ultra-fast processor
  • Smarter SIRI
  • Self-drying components
  • E-SIM
  • Dual camera
  • Reversible USB Charger
  • UBS Type-C connector
  • Multi-face touch

The self-drying components here mean that the phone will dry itself in case that it is accidentally exposed to water. This self-drying feature is accomplished by the speakers that shoot water or other liquid out of the phone. This is made possible with the availability of modules that work to detect the water or liquid in the phone.

Furthermore, when the phone really comes with e-SIM, then a new trend of SIM card usage will appear. E-SIM may highlight the end for conventional SIM card. Electronic SIM card will replace the older version. This rumor is related to the report that Apple and Samsung are in talk about the possibility of embedding virtual SIM card into their phones.

How Much to Pay for iPhone 7 Feature?

With all of those improvements and new iPhone 7 feature and specifications, how much should you pay to bring it home? Again, no leak has been around for this. Some enthusiasts estimate that the phone deserves a price, which ranges from US$ 850 to 1000. If Apple can establish a contract with particular carriers, then more customers will be able to bring it home.

This price does not include the possibility that iPhone 7 will come with its “S” version. If so, more price tags will be possible, depending upon the weapons integrated in the phone. Furthermore, some people predict that the iPhone 7 feature will come in at least three storage options, from 16 GB, 32 GB to 64 GB. Even a variant with 128 GB is possible. This will add to the varieties in price tags, probably from US$850 for the 16 GB variant to US$1100 for the 128 GB variant.


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