iPhone 7 Glitch – Problem & Issues

This articles is a part of The iPhone 7 tutorial series how to fix the iPhone 7 problems and issues.

iPhone 7 Glitch Problem & Issues

iPhone 7 Glitch Problem

iPhone 7 Glitch Issues

When your iPhone 7 getting glitch, you should have a worry. In this case, many people reported that there is problem issue when enlarging images or icons on the iPhone 7 screen which somehow difficult for people to navigate or see properly. This iPhone 7 glitch problem can be caused by the accessibility feature like zoom and it is certainly easy to fix. Then, how to fix this problem as quickly as possible?

If you find this glitch problem, you can follow this simple iPhone 7 guide. The first solutions that you can follow is by holding three fingers together and then double tap your iPhone 7’s screen until you see the image or icon on the screen turn to normal anymore. Moreover, to make sure that it will not happen again in the future, you can go to the settings and then choose General > Accessibility and the last turn the Zoom off to fix this iPhone 7 problem.


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