iPhone 7 Headphone Jack

iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Rumors – The iPhone 7 is expected to arrive on September 2016. The next generation iPhone is rumored to be the thinnest iPhone yet. Apple is also said to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack to get the tiny design.

The iPhone 6s is 7.1mm thick and the next generation iPhone is rumored to be 1mm thinner. According to Japanese website Mac Otakara, Apple is planning to remove the headphone jack on the next-generation iPhone, and may also release Lightning-equipped EarPods. This earpods is expected to support the new audio output. If this rumor were true, then the iPhone 7 could mean the end of the headphone jack, which also means that millions of headset owners won’t be able to use their headset anymore. That will be pretty hurt for headset industry.

iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Rumors

iPhone 7 Headphone Jack

However, iPhone 7 headphone jack will remove is still a rumor, so it still possible for the next generation iPhone to have the headphone jack. Having a thinner design doesn’t always mean that the new iPhone will have to remove the headphone jack. We can compare it with the sixth-generation iPod touch. It is 6.1mm thin but still has a 3.5mm headphone jack. So, the iPhone 7 could still have a thinner design without have to remove its headphone jack.

Other options about the removal of headphone jack on iPhone 7 is that Apple will maximize the use of its USB-C port. It is only 2.5 mm high or about 1 mm thinner than the standard audio jack.

A concept design of iPhone 7 from designer Eric Huismann shows the removal of the headphone jack and introduces wireless AirPods that connect to the iPhone 7 via Bluetooth. According to this concept, the iPhone 7 only features a USB Type-C port at the bottom with no headphone jack. It looks thinner than the iPhone 6s and thus cannot support the headphone jack.

So, will Apple finally remove the iPhone 7 headphone jack to get a thinner design? More news and rumors on iPhone 7 will be updated soon.


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