iPhone 7 with iOS 11 Reviews

iPhone 7 with iOS 11Reviews

iPhone 7 with iOS 11

Pros and cons of iPhone 7 iOS 11

Apple has launched the iOS 11. In every, we expect to see new features which in turn offer us significant advantages. In our article below, we want to share some new features, pros, and cons of iPhone 7 with iOS 11. Check out.

Pros of iOS 11

Send cash to friends and family with Apple Pay

One thing that you will love about this new iOS 11 is the fact that it allows you to send cash to family and friends directly. Money received can be found in the Apple Pay cash account. You can use money received to make purchases at stores that accept Apple Pay or online. You can additionally transfer the money to your bank account.

Improved control center

iOS 11comes with a redesigned control center that is customizable and allows you add more Control Center options. This means you have the freedom to include the toggles that you want to the control center. Another exciting thing is that you can control the control center options by using 3D touch. Some of the options you will add freely include:

  • Camera
  • Notes
  • Voice Memos
  • Do Not Disturb While Driving
  • Wallet
  • Alarm
  • Calculator
  • Flashlight
  • Home

If there are options that you don’t want to see, with iOS 11, you don’t need to worry. You can add the one you love and delete those you hate.

Offload unused apps

Your iPhone 7 can get filled into capacity if you are a game, video and photo enthusiast leaving your phone with no space. There is no need to worry about space. The iOS 11 comes with a new great feature. In the event you do not have storage space left and your phone is filled, you can solve the issue by offloading some unused apps. This means, even if you reinstall the app, it will retain its data.

Silence alerts

When driving, it is possible that you will get alerts. Phone alerts and distractions have been found to cause accidents across the world. But Apple has you covered. It has introduced a do not disturb while driving feature. The feature will help you to silence phone notifications and alerts as well as keep the screen of the phone dark when it’s connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth of your car. Apart from that, it will send an automated text response to anyone trying to reach you as you drive. This is an excellent feature that is intended to assist drivers to remain focused while driving and thus reducing accidents risks. Perhaps this is one great reason why you should upgrade to iOS 11.

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iOS 11 Cons

No app switcher

This is one feature that is not available for this phone. Unlike iOS 10 that had that enabled you to use 3D to switch apps, iOS 11 doesn’t have this excellent feature. This means you will need to double-tap the home button and drag.

Should my iPhone 7 be upgraded to iOS 11?

Even though Apple removed the app switcher, it included new and impressive features that will excite you. Based on our review, this is iOS 11 is one OS that we would recommend you to update.



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