iPhone 7 LiFi Technology

iPhone 7 LiFi – A new report claimed that Apple could use Li Fi technology (Light Fidelity) on its upcoming iPhone 7. It was first leaked Twitter users kyufujibaya whoc found a few lines of code in the firmware iOS 9.1, which stated “LiFi Capability”.

This new technology has not been used by any devices just yet. If Apple really put the LI Fi technology on its upcoming iPhone 7 then the handset will be the first handset in the world to use it.

Is iPhone 7 Come With LiFi Technology

iPhone 7 LiFi Technology

Li Fi technology is a hundred times faster than Wi Fi technology so you can imagine how fast you will enjoy your internet. So, what is Li Fi technology actually about?

Li Fi works just like WiFi which is able to connect to the Internet while not using mobile connection data from operators. Li-Fi works the same way as Wi-Fi, but has different data carrier medium. Wi-Fi transmit data using radio waves, while Li-Fi, as the name suggests, uses light waves.

As Li Fi use light waves, the data transfer rate of Li-Fi is much higher than Wi-Fi, which is in theory can reach up to 224Gbps, or about a hundred times faster than Wi Fi.

Li-Fi was first uttered by a German physicist Harald Haas in the event TED Talk, July 2011 where he discussed about the possibility of using a light bulb as a wireless router. A year later, Haas, mobile communications professor at the University of Edinburgh and colleagues established pureLiFi. They claimed their self as a leader in Li-Fi and so far has released two products, Li-1st and Li-Flame.

Although having Li Fi on iPhone 7 would be great but it seems too good to be true for now. The Li Fi technology is still in development and it might be ready for public within the next few years, which means not this year. However, of course it would be great to see Li Fi technology on iPhone 7. So, stay tuned on iPhone 7 Manual for latest news about the next iPhone series.


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