iPhone 7 Manage Picture Messages (MMS)

iPhone 7 Manage Picture Messages MMS

iPhone 7 Manage Picture Messages

One of greatest features of iPhone 7 is Apps in iMessage. The iPhone 7 message app has several significant changes, and the most popular one is its own App Store. With all these amazing new messaging features in iOS 10, there are several EE iPhone customers tend to use more picture messages (familiar as MMS) than normal. Anyway, this picture message won’t be any trouble for anyone who doesn’t concern about the extra charge. If you are one of those customers and you want to know how to manage picture messages and avoid extra charges; you need to read the following tips.

Tips To Manage Picture Messages

iPhone 7 Manage Picture Messages: Messaging in iPhone 7 has totally changed with some great new features such as message effects and also iMessage apps. All these new features enable you to send messages with some additional content such as sending handwritten messages, add fun stickers to the messages, use screen effects or even send your favorite music. These fun features may cause an extra charge. Follow the tips below to manage your picture messages without additional cost:

  1. If you send these picture messages to other iPhone 7 users who are using iMessage, then there is no extra cost because of your data plan including the charge for iMessages.
  2. Additional charge may apply if you send these picture messages to a non-iOS recipient or when there is no iMessage because your picture messages are converted to MMS. If you want to avoid this extra charge, you will need to buy add-ons that allow you to send picture messages every month at reduced rates.

How To Manage Picture Messages (MMS) To Avoid Extra Charges

When you are sending Picture messages without picture message add-on, these messages won’t be included in your regular price plan. You will need to do the following tips to avoid extra charge for this message:

iPhone 7 MMS Setting

iPhone 7 MMS Setting

  1. Buy a picture message add-on to get an allowance to send 200 picture messages in a month.
  2. Disable the MMS messages completely. Head to Settings > Messages > MMS Messaging > Toggle Off.
    By disabling the MMS messages completely, you won’t be able to send or receive picture messages if the picture messages are not sent via iMessage.

Based on several tips above about how to manage picture messages on iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and avoid extra charges, apparently, it could be harder for iOS devices’ users to avoid an extra charge when they are dealing with other devices’ users especially without buying a picture message add-on. They won’t be able to fulfill the ‘iMessage enabled’ requirement to allow you avoid extra charge for these picture messages.

Otherwise, it would be very much helpful if your contacts are all iOS devices’ users with iMessages enabled. You can send or receive picture messages without extra charge by using iMessages. In this case, if most of your contacts are not iOS devices’ users, then buying a picture message add-on could be your better choices if you don’t want to turn off completely your MMS messages.

image source: macworld


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