iPhone 7 Plus Exploded in Its Packaging

Some images of a matte black iPhone 7 Plus that allegedly exploded in its packaging are posted by Reddit user “kroopthesnoop” on Wednesday. The images show the iPhone 7 Plus exploded in its packaging so the iPhone maybe exploded in transit while it was still inside the box.

iPhone 7 Plus Exploded

The device owner said “I’m not certain, but something happened between the factory and delivery,”

There’s no official statement about it just yet but the images show that the fire seems to be the battery. So far, this is the only reported case of an exploding iPhone 7. It still unclear whether this is an isolated case or if there are other iPhone 7 devices affected. However, we do hope that this is only an isolated incident of an iPhone that was damaged during shipment, unlike the explosion on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 case. In Samsung case, the smartphone exploded during charging, not during the shipment. The explosion of Note 7 doesn’t appear to be the result of any actions from the owner. Apple hasn’t release any statement about the accident so we better don’t get too panic as this may just an isolated incident.


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