iPhone 7 Plus Vs. iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus Vs iPhone 8 Plus Comparison

iPhone 7 Plus Vs iPhone 8 Plus Comparison

iPhone 7 Plus Vs. iPhone 8 Plus Comparison

After Apple launched three iPhones this year, it is possible that you want to know what the new features of the phones are and what differentiates them from the older ones. If you have iPhone 7 plus you may be wondering if there is a need to upgrade or not. Let that not trouble you again. We made a comparison of the iPhone 7 plus and the iPhone 8 plus. Below are some of the things we discovered that changed and others that remained the same. We have done the comparison based on the different features supported by the two phones.


One thing that differentiates iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 8 plus is the design. iPhone 7 plus has an aluminum back design whereas iPhone 8 plus has a glass-backed design. If you don’t love wireless charging, the glass back of iPhone 8 plus supports wireless charging. Both phones have a water-resistant design and are dust proof. iPhone 7 plus offers six options of colors while iPhone 8 plus offers four color alternatives.

Rear camera

Apple did not make any changes on the camera. Both phones have 12-megapixel rear-facing double cameras that contain a telephoto lens. Although all the specifications or both phones remain the same, iPhone 8 Plus has picture lighting beta support, and the rear camera has a bigger, quicker sensor, new color filter, as well as deeper pixels.

Weight and size

iPhone 7 plus is 0.2mm thinner than iPhone 8 plus, and therefore the phones may not share the cases. iPhone 7 plus is somehow lighter t at 6.63 ounces, compared to iPhone 8 plus’ 7.13 ounces.


The iPhones both have a 5.5-inch LCD with all the display specifications remain the same as well. However, iPhone 8 plus features a True Tone display that automatically acclimatizes the shade and display intensity to go with the temperature color of the light in its immediate environment. This means, if you stand in a poorly lit room with glowing light bulbs, you should expect the display to appear yellower and warmer.


Whereas iPhone 7 plus has A10 chip, iPhone 8 plus includes the A11 Bionic chip. iPhone 7 plus features M10 motion co-processors against that of iPhone 8 plus of M11. Due to this, iPhone 7 plus is less fast as compared to iPhone 8 plus whose A11 chip includes a neural engine.

Charging and battery

Another feature that makes the two phones different is the time they take to charge. iPhone 7 plus is slower on charging as compared to iPhone 8 plus that can charge up to 50% of its battery within 30 minutes. iPhone 7 plus has a larger battery 2,900mAh compared to iPhone 8 plus’ 2,675mAh battery.


There is a slight difference in the Bluetooth version of the two phones. iPhone 7 plus has a Bluetooth version 4.2 while iPhone 8 plus has version 5.0.

iPhone 7 Plus Or iPhone 8 Plus

After making the comparison and looking keenly at the features, we realized that there is not much difference between the two iPhones. However, the few differences we highlighted such as the wireless and speedy charging are not to be overlooked when making that decision of buying yourself a new phone.


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