iPhone 7 Problems And Issues

iPhone 7 problems and issues – Apple finally introduced their new iPhone series (iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus) to the market. The phones have bigger touch-screens than their predecessors and are certainly one of the most popular smartphone choices for people all over the world. While some people are enjoying their recent purchases, it has been reported that iPhone 7 has a lot of problems. What are they? Here are some of the problems you should know about.

iPhone 7 Problems

iPhone 7 Problems

iPhone 7 Problems & Fixes

Here’s our tutorial series on how to fix the iPhone 7 problems.

I. Glitch Issue.

When your iPhone 7 experiences glitches, you should worry. In this case, many people have reported this there is problem when enlarging images or icons on the iPhone 7 screen, which somehow makes it difficult for people to navigate or see properly. Read more


II. Red Screen Issue

One of the major problems of the new iPhone 7 is the red-screen issue. Many iPhone 7 series owners have reported that their iPhone’s screen turns red. In some cases, it may flash and then display the Apple logo. Read more

III. iPhone 7 Won’t Charge

Sometimes, apparently the iPhone 7 can’t be charged. A few owners have complained that they can’t charge their device when they plug in the charger. How to fix this? Read more

IV. Landscape Keyboard

There’s yet another glitch reported by some iPhone 7 users. This one deals with the function of the keyboard, especially when it switches into landscape view. Read more


V. Boot Loop And Random Crashing

iPhone 7 bug. Sometimes gets stuck in a boot loop that makes the phone repeatedly turn off and on by itself. This can happen when you launch an app. The phone may then display a red or blue screen. Read more

VI. Dye Coloring the Plastic Strips

Unfortunately, plenty of iPhone 7 users find them ugly. Some owners have found that slipping their iPhone into a tight jeans pocket causes dye to stick to and discolor the white plastic. This also happens on the gold model. Read more

VII. Headphones Crackling

There seems to be couple of different iPhone 7 issues related to headphones. One relates to the crackling noises and poking out the top. Others report auto-launches of Siri and other strange activity, like the volume controls on the headphone or headset not working or music suddenly stopping. Read more

VIII. Home Button Not Working

If you press the home button on your new iPhone 7 and it doesn’t always respond, then there may be a problem. Even if it’s intermittent or doesn’t occur frequently, it’s still an annoying issue to fix as soon as possible. Read more


IX. Incoming Calls Not Displayed

A number of users of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models running iOS 10 or higher have reported that the phone will ring and vibrate when there is an incoming call, but won’t allow you to answer the call. Read more.

X. Music App Crashes

Another iPhone 7 trouble relates to the music app. Some users say it will restart, crash, randomly shuffle songs or stop playing, all without warning. Read more.


XI. Hard Reset iPhone 7

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have no physical home button. Apple completed both iPhones with touch-sensitive area which powered by taptic engine. Read more how to hard reset iphone 7 here.

XII. LTE Connectivity Issue

Here’s some tips you can do to fix LTE connectivity issue on iPhone 7. Please note that the tips below are temporary tips. The official software fix from Apple or carrier update is expected to arrive soon. Read more how to fix LTE connectivity issue.

XIII. EarPod Issue

The good news is Apple has just released iOS 10.0.2 with some bugs fixes including the iPhone 7 EarPods issue. Read more.


Well, that is the troubleshooting for problems that afflict your iPhone 7. I hope this helps.


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