iPhone 7 Red Screen Issue

iPhone 7 Red Screen Issue – One of the major problems of the new iPhone 7 is red screen issue. Many iPhone 7 series owners have reported that their iPhone’s screen turns red. In some cases, it may flash and then followed by the Apple logo appearing on the screen.

iPhone 7 Red Screen Issue

Some people find it able to return to normal and other may find that it sticks on the red screen and it refuses to turn off. Thus, what to do with this problem? You may try these following tips and solutions to deal with your iPhone 7 red screen problems.

How to Fix iPhone 7 Red Screen Issue

First of all, you can try this simple trick to make your iPhone 7 gets normal when it experience the red screen issue. You should try to hold down the sleep/wake button and also the home button for about 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo. At this rate, your iPhone may restart properly after you have done this action, but the problem probably comes back.

Second, you can try to restore it since the issue can be caused by certain software issue. In this case, you should turn your iPhone off by pressing down the sleep/wake button. To fix this iPhone 7 issues, make sure that your personal computer runs the newest version of iTunes and then connect it to your iPhone with the USB cable.

After that, hold down the sleep/wake button as well as the home button for a few moment, when your iPhone comes on, let go of the sleep/wake button without let go of the home button. Here, you need to get the ‘connect to iTunes’ screen first and then you are able to let go of the home button. Next, you can follow the restore procedures on your computer.

Third, you can contact Apple or visit its Apple Store to arrange a replacement. If this problem seems to be such hardware failure issue, it will be better to contact Apple as soon as possible. It can help you recording the red screen using other devices and then take it with you, just in case your own iPhone 7 decides not to perform normally when you bring it for the assessment.

To conclude, if you find this iPhone 7 red screen issues on your device, you can do some of the iPhone 7 manual above before giving up your phone.


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