iPhone 7 Release Date

iPhone 7 release date has been a part of latest rumor since iPhone lover are anticipating the coming Apple’s new line of product, iPhone 7.

Many people around the world have been anticipating the coming of iPhone 7, as the rumor has been around for some time. The question is when iPhone 7 release date will exactly be and when the customers can enjoy the sophisticated features, which Apple expectedly plants in the phone. Up to now, no exact information is officially available on when the phone will be launched.

iPhone 7 Release Date

iPhone 7 Release Date

Anticipating iPhone 7 Release Date

The upcoming iPhone series have made the gadget lovers curious. In fact, apple released two series of its iPhone products only recently. Yes, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were released in September 2015. Leaked photos have been around; so are the leaked features. However, no leak has been around for iPhone 7 release date. Learning from its previous iPhone series, Apple seemingly tends to set the release time of its products in particular months of the year.

The first iPhone series was released in June 2007, when Apple began to buzz the gadget market. One year later (still in the same month), Apple released iPhone 3G, and then released iPhone 3G S in June 2009. The fourth series, namely iPhone 4, was released one year later, in June 2010, but its iPhone 4S, was released in different month, namely October 2011.

When is iPhone 7 Release Date?

Model Name
Release Date
 iPhone 7  September 2016 (expected)
 iPhone 6S  September 2015
 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus  September 2014
 iPhone 5S and 5C  September 2013
 iPhone 5  September 2012
 iPhone 4S  October 2011
 iPhone 4  June 2010
 iPhone 3G S  June 2009
 iPhone 3G  June 2008
 iPhone  June 2007

Again, there is not yet an exact answer to the question, but learning from the trend above; there is a big chance the iPhone 7 release date will on a particular day in September 2016. However, it is also possible that Apple will set a new trend in the release date of its products, since it did it in 2011, when it released iPhone 4S in October.

Actually, rumors around iPhone 7 release date have been around since March 2015, when the giant company reported its plan to adopt Intel LTE Chips for its 2016 iPhone. In November 2015, Apple again leaked that it would launch A9-based iPhone with 4-inch display in early 2016. Again, at the beginning of December 2015, a representative of the company said that a 4-inch iPhone with colorful metal design would probably be launched in February 2016.

So, when is iPhone 7 release date? Let’s see what will come to the store shelves in 2016. Look at the leaked iPhone 7 specification to predict whether it will be released at the beginning of next year or not.


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