iPhone 7 Vs. iPhone 8

Comparison iPhone 7 Vs iPhone 8

Comparison iPhone 7 Vs iPhone 8

iPhone 7 Vs. iPhone 8 Comparison

Unlike before, Apple did not replace the iPhone 7 with iPhone 7S. Instead, it unveiled iPhone 8. After Apple launched its new iPhone 8 series many are wondering whether to upgrade or stick with their iPhone 7. If you have been wondering what is new and the difference between the two we have a solution for you. We took some time to compare the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 8 and below is what we found out.


Unlike iPhone 7 which does not provide wireless charging, iPhone 8 features a glass back that is beneficial for wireless charging and gives it a polish as the one iPhone 4 had. Both phones have aluminum bodies with curved corners. iPhone 7 is not as heavy and thick as iPhone 8. This is due to iPhone 8’s glass back. When it comes to color options, the iPhone 7 provides five alternatives, with the new iPhone 8 offering only three. The big bottom and top bezels remain the same.


When it comes to the camera, both iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 possess the similar camera technology. Both phones feature a 7-megapixel frontage camera and 12-megapixel back camera. Though both phones can handle 4K videotape recording, iPhone 7 can handle this at 30fps with iPhone8 managing the same at 24 and 60 frame per second (fps). Another camera difference is that iPhone 7’s camera is not as good as that of iPhone 8 which features a bigger and quicker sensor. iPhone 8’s sensor can capture more light as compared to that of iPhone 7.


This is where the difference between the two phones is notable. iPhone 7 comes with a larger battery has compared to iPhone 8. Even with the battery difference, they both have the same cell lifespan. Batteries for both phones have the same talk time lifespan of up to 14 hours. While iPhone 7 battery can offer internet service use for up to 134 hours, iPhone 8 can provide service for up to 12 hours.


Both phones provide a 4.7-inch display and support 3D touch and a broad color range. Apple only made a slight change to iPhone 8 making it have a True Tone display which fine-tunes to your surroundings for the perfect shade tone.


When it comes to storage, you want to have enough space for your data and everything else. There is good news from Apple. Storage has doubled from the iPhone 7 32GB to 64GB for iPhone 8. But there is also bad news as the prices have also increased.

iOS 11

Now, you can use the latest iOS on both by updating your iPhone 7 / plus to iOS 11.

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While there are few differences between the two phones, they are almost impossible to differentiate. In our in-depth research, we discovered that iPhone 8 performs faster than iPhone 7. Perhaps this is the reason that might make you consider this phone. If you are planning to purchase a new smartphone, we have made it easier for you. You can check the features and find out which Apple device can give you the experience you want. But all in all, it starts with what you are going to use your phone for. We hope you found this review helpful in your search for a new phone.


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