iPhone 7 Wireless Charging

iPhone 7 Wireless Charging Rumors – New rumor on iPhone 7 suggests that the upcoming iPhone will have more than wireless charging. A new technology that is reportedly being developed by Apple will allow iPhone owners to charge their iPhone in a long distance, meaning they won’t have to plug their iPhone into the wall or place it on a charging mat. This technology is also said to work for the upcoming iPad.

If this were true, then the upcoming iPhone and iPad will have a new exiting feature, which is long distance wireless charging. This means that iPhone 7 users will no longer have any problems on their iPhone’s battery life.

iPhone 7 Wireless Charging Rumors

iPhone 7 Wireless Charging

The current wireless charging technology for phones doesn’t require a direct power connection but must be in contact with a mat or charger. However, Apple has criticized this current wireless charging systems as the company plans on minimizing the loss of charging power over longer distances. However, there is no detail information just yet regarding this issue.

According to some sources, Apple could have the long distance wireless technology on their iPhone by next year and the company is working with Asian suppliers for it. So, we might not see this new feature this year in the iPhone 7 but we could possibly see this long distance wireless charging technology on iPhone 7 if Apple finished their work faster.

Apple currently put the wireless charging technology on their Apple Watch only, not on their iPhones just yet. However, this wireless charging technology system is still low power, which means that the apple watch takes longer to charge than other Apple products. So, will we be able to see iPhone 7 to have Long Distance Wireless Charging this year?

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