iPhone 7s to Arrive with OLED Displays

iPhone 7s OLED Dispay – The iPhone 7 is coming in the next few months but news and rumors about the next year’s iPhone 7s has ben around the web. One of the main rumors about the iPhone 7s is about the OLED display that is rumored to arrive at the phone.

According to a new report, Apple is said to have confirmed to its supply chain that it plans to switch from LCD panels to iPhone 7s OLED display for released in 2017-2018. What phone could arrive at that time? The iPhone 7s. Some rumors previously suggest that the OL ED display would arrive that the iPhone 8 but the new report suggests that the OLED display will arrive a year earlier than expected. Moreover, Apple is said to ask Korean and Japanese display makers to start expanding their OLED manufacturing capabilities to fit its needs.

iPhone 7s Rumors

iPhone 7s OLED Dispay

iPhone 7s OLED Dispay

OLED display is not new to phones as other companies like Samsung has already use this technology. OLED, or Organic Light Emitting Diodes, are an offshoot of existing conventional LED technology. It was first implemented in 1987 by Kodak researchers.

OLED display offers many advantages over both LCDs and LEDs. It has thinner, lighter and more flexible plastic/organic layers than the crystalline layers in an LED or LCD. Its light-emitting layers are lighter, its substrate can be flexible instead of rigid. Its substrates can be plastic rather than the glass used for LEDs and LCDs.

The next advantages of OLED display is that it is brighter than LEDs. Its conductive and emissive layers can be multi-layered. OLED display doesn’t require glass to absorb some lights just like LEDs and LCDs.

The other good thing about OLED display is that it generates light themselves so it doesn’t require backlighting like LCDs. This allows OLED display to consume much less power than LCDs. SO, it will make the iPhone 7s better as it will add its battery life.

iPhone 7s OLED Dispay

With iPhone 7s OLED display, users will have a chance to get larger fields of view, which is about 170 degrees. OLED display is also easier to produce and can be made to larger sizes as it is essentially plastics.

There are many advantages of OLED display but it also has some problems as well like the expensive manufacturing process. Other things to be concerned about OLED display is about water as it can easily damage OLED display.

With the pros and cons of OLED display, will Apple stick to its plan by putting the OLED display on the next year’s iPhone 7s?


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