Landscape Keyboard Glitch On iPhone 7

There is another keyboard glitch that has been reported by some iPhone 7 users. This iPhone 7 glitch deals with the function of the keyboard especially when it switches into the landscape view. There is problem with the text prediction row and top row of letters which are being superimposed on the top of each other. In some cases, the other graphics are also being superimposed which then making it uneasy to type as accurate as normally. Several keys do not seem to respond either.

Keyboard Glitch On iPhone 7

The problem is happening largely in iMessages and SMS which use the native keyboard.

Troubleshoot Keyboard Glitch

Moreover, some users also report that part of the text field especially on the right side are being blank and are also cutting off the test while people are typing. Then, what we have to do to deal with this problem? The first solution that you can take is by turning your iPhone off and on again. By doing this, the iPhone 7 glitch has probably gone temporarily.

The second solution is trying visiting your settings ground on your iPhone 7 and then choose Messages. After that, turning the Raise to Listen off since it could be that the audio message prompt is triggered when we rotate the phone.

The next solution that you can try is to go to the Settings > General and tap the Accessibility and then turn Button Shapes which seems useful to help some users.

The last solution that you can try if you experience such a problem is by using a third-party keyboard which from any developer.


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