How to Restore iPhone 7 from iPhone 6

Restore iPhone 7 from iPhone 6

Restore iPhone 7 from iPhone 6

Restore iPhone 7 from iPhone 6

If you are migrating from your old iPhone to the new iPhone 7 then you got some trouble, probably you didn’t do everything correctly, or maybe there are the missing steps within your process. Just like reported by some iPhone 7 owners who have troubles when trying to restore from old iPhone 6 backup through iTunes. They said that they are getting not compatible or corrupt message during the restore. If you are one of those iPhone 7 users who experience the same problem, try to follow this manual about how to restore iPhone 7 from iPhone 6 to guide you restore your iPhone 7 from your iPhone 6.

If you are migrating from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 and you are experiencing any problem, firstly see the operating system on your iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. If your iPhone 6 runs an iOS beta, then you need to install the same iOS beta on your iPhone 7 to complete the restore because they are not backward compatible. If the problem has no correlation with the iOS compatibility, probably you need to ensure that you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer you are using to complete the restore. Or you may need to think about setting your iPhone 7 up as a new device.

Restoring iPhone 7 from iPhone 6 through iTunes

Anyway, if you want to restore from your old iPhone 6 to your new iPhone 7, try to follow the steps below about how to Restore iPhone 7 from iPhone 6:

  1. Turn on your Mac or Windows PC and make sure it is running the latest version of iTunes. If you need to update your iTunes, update it first before restoring.
  2. Connect your iPhone 6 to your Mac or Windows PC.
  3. Launch iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC.
  4. Click on the icon of your iPhone 6 when it appears in the menu bar.
  5. Continue the process by clicking on Back Up Now.
  6. Then, click on Encrypt Backup and after that add a password.
  7. Unplug your iPhone 6 when done from your Mac or Windows PC and wait for the backup to complete.
  8. Turn on your new iPhone 7.
  9. Plug your iPhone 7 to your Mac or Windows PC that you used to connect your old iPhone 6.
  10. Slide to set up on your iPhone 7.
  11. Continue by following the instructions to choose the language and set up Wi-Fi network.
  12. From the available menu, select Restore from iTunes backup.
  13. Select Restore from this backup on iTunes.
  14. Choose your backup from the available list.
  15. If it is an encrypted backup, enter your password to proceed.


Well, that’s all steps you need to do to complete this tutorial about how to Restore iPhone 7 from iPhone 6. If you prefer to create an encrypted backup of your iPhone 6, when you are restoring it to your iPhone 7, it’ll bring most of your password information along with it. When the restore is proceeding, keep your iPhone 7 plugged into iTunes until the data transferring is complete. The duration of restoring process depends on how much data you have from the backup to re-download.

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