How to Solve iPhone 7 Call Problems

iPhone 7 Call Problems

iPhone 7 Call Problem Solving

iPhone 7 Call Problems

iPhone 7 has an entirely satisfying speakerphone performance that apparently seemed when it is playing multimedia like music, video, etc. With this speakerphone quality, this phone should be able to give a clean and loud calls sound and leaving us with no trouble when hearing the party on the other end. Sadly, not all device owners have this amazing experience with their iPhone 7 when dealing with iPhone 7 call. Not all iPhone 7 owners reporting call problems on iPhone 7, but there are some who have this annoying problem, and surely they need to know how to solve iPhone 7 call problems as soon as possible. The iPhone 7 owners reporting various call problems such as losing calls (incoming and outgoing), losing sound for both incoming and outgoing calls, loose talk when calling, and much more.

Identify The Reason For iPhone 7 Call Problems

Making or receiving a phone call is involving both your iPhone 7 and your carrier, the call problems may come from your iPhone or carrier, or both. Therefore, before we go to the solution, we might need to diagnose the reason for iPhone 7 problems. After we got the reason, it will be much easier for us to solve the problems. Find the possible reason for your iPhone 7 call problems with the following questions:

  1. Do you have this call problem to all contacts you ring?
  2. Have you tried to have your SIM card replaced at your local carrier store?
  3. Have you sought to choose another network in your iPhone 7 Settings?
  4. Have you checked your speakerphone quality by playing any multimedia file in your iPhone 7?

After identifying the reason for your call problem, you can continue with the possible solution for your iPhone 7 problems.

Possible Solution For How To Solve iPhone 7 Call Problems

After identifying the reasons for iPhone 7 call problems, now you can try the appropriate solution based on your problems. Here are some options to solve your problems:

A. If you hear no sound when making or receiving a call on your iPhone 7 because of your iPhone 7 speaker problem, try to fix this issue with the following steps:

  1. Head to Settings > Sounds and drag the Ringer And Alert slider to turn the volume up.
  2. If you can hear sound from your iPhone 7 speaker, continue with the rest of these steps.
  3. Make sure that you set your iPhone to ring.
  4. Restart your iPhone 7.
  5. Open any multimedia file and then adjust the volume by using the volume buttons or the slider in Control Center.
  6. Open the Settings app > Bluetooth and then turn off Bluetooth. Try to check the sound again.
  7. Check the audio by connecting your headset. If you can hear any sound through your headset, disconnect it and then clear any dust from the headset port on your iPhone 7.
  8. If you are using any case on your iPhone 7, make sure that it doesn’t block the speaker.
  9. Update your iPhone 7 to the latest version of iOS.

After all, if you can’t hear any sound of your iPhone 7 speaker, get some help from Apple Support as soon as possible.

B. If you can’t hear someone’s voice clearly when you are in a call, try the following solutions:

  1. Turn up the volume of your iPhone 7. You can adjust the volume using the volume buttons when you are on a call.
  2. Check your iPhone 7 connections. If you are plugging in a headset, you won’t be able to hear any sound through the iPhone 7 receiver or using speakerphone.
  3. Clear your iPhone 7 receiver from dust or debris to avoid sound distraction.
  4. Check the receiver. If you can hear a sound when you are listening musing or any other file with sound, then the problem may come from your carrier network.
  5. Restart and update to solve this poor sound problem.

C. If you have iPhone 7 call problem only when you are calling some of your contacts, and it is confirmed that your iPhone 7 speakerphone is work properly, then you can contact your carrier service about this call problem. If the problem comes when you are calling some of your contacts who are using particular another carrier, this may come from their poor network.

D. If you have this call problem only when you are making or receiving a call in the same area, probably you need to check your coverage area. You won’t be able to make or receive a call when you are out of the coverage area.


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