How to Solve iPhone 7 Malfunctions

iPhone 7 Malfunctions

iPhone 7 Malfunctions – iPhone 7 is just a couple months old since its release date, but soon after the device arrived, some users start experiencing what we call here as a temporary malfunction, glitch, bugs, or whatever you might call this. It is not impossible that other devices may also have the same problem as iPhone 7 / plus. It just a little bit surprising when it happens to iPhone 7, which arguably the best smartphone of the year. If you are one of those iPhone 7 owners who are surprised with a sudden unexpected act of your iPhone 7, take it easy and read this tutorial about how to solve iPhone 7 temporary malfunctions.

Based on what have been reported by some iPhone 7 owners, there are several common glitches of iPhone 7 that may be one of what you are experiencing right now. Read on and find the possible solutions for what you’re troubling with your new iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Experiencing Unresponsive Lightning EarPods

Not all iPhone 7 owners reporting this glitch, but some of them. It is more like a software glitch on the new Lightning EarPods that come along with the iPhone 7. They said that there is a weird act with the Lightning EarPods after they plugged it into the Lightning port. They found that the volume control dongle of the Lightning EarPods is unresponsive after a few minutes of inactivity. With this glitch, they can’t adjust the volume, answer calls or talk to Siri. Some users also reported that Lightning EarPods glitch also happened when they use Lightning to 3.5mm adapter.

Since the users start having this Lightning EarPods glitch, Apple is working on how to solve iPhone 7 temporary malfunctions like this one. And recently, the company said that the temporary solution to fix this issue is by unplugging the EarPods and then try plugging them back in. After trying this possible solution, if the problem remains, Apple recommend you to update your iPhone 7 software to the latest iOS version. Hopefully, the latest iOS can help you with this unexpected glitch.

After Turning Off Airplane Mode, iPhone 7 Has “No Service” Issue

“No Service” issue on iPhone 7 might come from many reasons. Here, we are talking about this “No Service” issue on iPhone 7 after turning off Airplane Mode on the phone. As we know that Airplane Mode is not only useful when you are using the iPhone 7 on a flight, but it can also be helpful to save the battery life. Sadly, some iPhone 7 users found out that the phone can’t re-establish cellular service after using this Airplane Mode. Because of this anomaly, iPhone 7 users can’t use the phone to connect to the internet, send or receive messages, nor receive or make calls.

Since this “No Service” problem on iPhone 7 is floating, Apple is still investigating this issue. For a temporary solution, if there is an iPhone 7 affected by this matter, the company suggest solving this problem by restarting the device, then try to remove the SIM card and then reinsert it back in. Until the company has the proper solution to solve this “No Service” issue on iPhone 7 after turning off the Airplane mode, you can contact Apple support or visit the local Apple store to get a better solution from the expert or a replacement device.

Weird Hissing Sound On iPhone 7

iPhone 7 starts producing strange hissing sound soon after the users got the phone. They embarked hearing this strange hissing noises on the back near the Apple logo. Some affected iPhone 7 users reported that this strange hissing sound is mostly emanating when the iPhone is under load. By placing the phone close to the ear, they heard the hissing sound clearer. Until now, there are no official comments from the company about the issue. There is no one exactly knows for sure what is the reason behind this weird noises on iPhone 7.

For a temporary solution, if you are experiencing this anomaly on your iPhone 7, you can take it to the local Apple store to consult the problem. They may help you to do a further diagnostic procedure to find the solution, or you can order the replacement device. Anyway, if you get anything else to solve this hissing sounds on iPhone 7, we’d be glad to hear from you here. You might help the other iPhone 7 users who have the same issue with your worked solution.

Capacitive Touch on iPhone 7 Home Button

iPhone 7 has a new pressure-sensitive Home button. The new Home button on iPhone 7 requires a capacitive touch because it can detect the presence and pressure of a finger. It means that you feel a slight click when you are pressing on it. This Home button won’t work if you use a waterproof case or a sports armband. You can’t also make it work when you are wearing gloves even a pair of specific gloves for the touchscreen.

Exactly, this new Home button on iPhone 7 is not one of the glitches. It is more likely a major inconvenience, especially for iPhone 7 users who live in four-season countries. Therefore, you don’t need to find the answer of how to solve iPhone 7 temporary malfunctions. You just need to know what to do if you need to touch your iPhone 7 Home button while you are wearing gloves. There is some suggestion recommend you to use your nose, elbow, chin, or knee to activate the iPhone 7 Home button. Hopefully, Apple is now working on specific gloves that work on this new Home button.


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