How to Solve iPhone 7 Overheating Problems

iPhone 7 Overheating Problems

iPhone 7 Overheating Problems

iPhone 7 Overheating Problems Troubleshooting

iPhone 7 has more than an ever expected smartphone, as it has great screen and speakers, incredible performance, excellent camera, Haptic engine, and water resistant. Unfortunately, the excitement for the new iPhone 7 for some owners ends up with so many unexpected problems, such as poor sound quality when on a phone call, battery life and overheating problem. Recently, some iPhone 7 owners are mostly looking for the solution about how to solve iPhone 7 overheating problems. There are some of those owners who found the iPhone 7 even heats up when taking photos, playing video, downloading files, etc. while the other owners reported that the iPhone 7 overheats up when charging. If you are here because of the same overheating on iPhone 7, check out the tutorial below.

How to Solve iPhone 7 Overheating Problems

Based on Apple, it is normal for iPhone 7 to become warm when using it and also in other situations when charging it. iPhone 7 also becomes warmer during the first setup, when you are restoring from a backup or when iPhone 7 apps re-index or re-analyze data. Based on the Apple clarification after receiving several reports about iPhone 7 overheating, when charging iPhone 7 inside individual styles of the case also may generate excess heat, which can also affect battery capacity. Therefore, you need to remove it from its case if you notice that your new iPhone 7 overheats up when you charge it. Well, whatever the reason is, ensure that you follow the Apple’s guideline for safety and handling your new iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Gets Too Warm

In case your iPhone 7 gets too warm, Apple is now working on the solution to fix this problem. The company said that iPhone 7 has an ability to protect its internal components when the interior temperature exceeds the normal operating range by attempting to regulate its temperature. That is why when your iPhone 7 is too warm; you might notice one of these changes:

  • iPhone 7 stops charging
  • The display goes black or dims
  • Its cellular radios enter a low-power state. You might see that the signal might weaker during this condition.
  • Your iPhone 7 automatically disable the camera flash temporarily.

So, if you see any of the changes above when your iPhone 7 is too warm, then you don’t need to worry. Especially when you use iPhone 7 for navigation, when it is too hot, the device might show an alert saying “Temperature: iPhone needs to cool down” and then turn off the display. When iPhone 7’s screen is off, the navigation still provides audible turn-by-turn directions. It means that when you are approaching a turn, the display will automatically illuminate to guide you through the turn. Anyway, you can make an emergency call when the iPhone 7 is showing a message alert to cool down.

In an extreme condition, if your iPhone 7 exceed the standard operating range, we suggest you contact the Apple support to get further help about how to solve iPhone 7 overheating problems. You might get the replacement or service under warranty.


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